Competition betwen Subnetworks

  1. Winnerless Competion: network activity spontaneously switch between same type of subnetworks
  2. Cell assemblies: some neurons in mammalian neocrotex connected specifically with higher connection probabilities and stronger weights.
[Lagzi2015]Dynamics of competition between subnetworks of spiking neuronal networks in the balanced state

RSN (Resting State Networks)

A series of functional networks maintain a ligh level of coherence even the brain is at rest [Deco2010].

[Deco2010]The Dynamical Balance of the Brain at Rest

Whole-Brain Computational Connectomics

Whole-brain computational models help neuropsychiatric disorders [Deco2014].

[Deco2014]Great Expectations: Using Whole-Brain Computational Connectomics for Understanding Neuropsychiatric Disorders

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