Some Random Thoughts


Biological neural networks give us human intelligence. Are biological neural networks special out of the numerous different kinds of network systems? I prefer to believe they are not special.

So what is a list of all systems that could function as a neural network?

  1. Social networks. We could model the society as an information processing network. It is extremely complicated, at least more complicated than the models in physics.
  2. The whole ecological system on the Earth is like a web of lives.
  3. Networks that connects time instead of space is also an interesting idea. If we have nodes N_i located at different time t_i and the nodes are connected. Now we have a network which can be analysis. However, for casuality reasons we should limit the network to be directed.

Why Can We Understand the Universe?

Our brain contains significantly less degrees of freedom than the whole universe. Yet we are developing very good understanding of whole universe.

One of the interesting points is that the universe doesn’t go through all the possible states of its configuration. There are many constraints on the universe that forbids it from developing into many other states. Thus we could understand the restrictions thus grasp the key of the state of the universe.

In some sense, intelligence should have this ability to find the restrictions of the environment and develop understanding of how the enviroment changes. Without the understanding of the restrictions of the enormously complex enviroment, it won’t be possible to predict.

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